Required Tools for adding mods.
These tools are required for various mods to be able to work, OR are the actual mod installing programs.
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Required Tools for adding mods.

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Installing Nexus Mod Manager That link actually points to the install instructions on the NMM Wiki Page. That Wiki has various OTHER resources available for Modders in general, including tutorials and tips for using 3ds max etc. Highly recommended Wiki. NMM may not actually be required to install all mods for Skyrim, but it sure makes managing various mods much easier. It also automatically tracks version levels of every mod, so if a mod gets an update you are given a link to go grab it.

Skyrim Script Extender SKSE gives a scripter/mod maker increased ability to add/modify scripts, including scripts that get auto-fired prior to actual save game load. Unfortunately, they don't appear to really track forums or have their own, but MANY mods require this extension to be able to work. IT MUST BE INSTALLED MANUALLY, it can NOT be installed via NMM or whatever that Steam mod tool is. If you attempt to install via NMM, it will appear in NMM as if it is installed, but it will NOT run or work.

Script Dragon This is another mod/tool that is used by various mod builders, MANY mods require that you have Script Dragon installed. I highly recommend that you read his instructions for installing this.
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