CTP Release 1 is now available on the Vault
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CTP Release 1 is now available on the Vault

Post by Zhrindhar »


I just hit 'F5' and Voila!!, it's live and downloadable.

Almost done getting them all already...Woohooo!!

Zhrindhar :)


Post by Guest »

*stops his download of Visual Studio to get higher download speed for CTP1*

At least that's what will happen when I get home from work. :)

Sharona Curves
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Post by Sharona Curves »

freakin fantastic. this is some amazing work. i had played around with some of these sets. the dwarven tileset is now in a usable state. absolutely stunning. no more walkmesh or those darn blinking edges. truely amazing work. too bad i have classes all day and work tonight otherwise i would spend some time building with these today. OH well there is always tomorrow. :)

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