White Wizard tileset?
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White Wizard tileset?

Post by Skunkeen »

I always liked that tileset and lead to believe it is no longer up anyway from the comments on this page. http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Ha ... il&id=7272

the NWN wiki still has the white wizard listed as a CTP tileset.

I understand it might not be up to CTP standards but it did look good. alot of the visuals did look generic/fake inside of it but it was great like that. Being in a mystically created realm of a powerful wizard with some area lighting adjustments and a mix up of skyboxes or add the snow effect and the players could be inside of a snow globe.

was there too much wrong with it as is?

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Post by Bannor Bloodfist »

That is one of my Favorite sets...

Bugs are somewhere listed currently as around 110 separate reports, which typically means about twice that number.

Many of those are minor things, that few but CTP folks would notice though. We tend to have very high standards.

However, all the fence tiles need to have their woks adjusted, and apparently all the grass tiles have sound issues, some are correct, many are not, which means that ALL of them need to be checked.

Several of the 'Wall' tiles are leaving large gaps, causing severe whitespace issues.

There are many door issues as well.

Sooo... this one, if it ever really makes it back out, will be a while before it does.