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Just a general status update

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Sorry folks, I keep forgetting that our internal forums are not viewable by the general public.

As such, I forget to let folks know what is going on here in CTP land.

We are still working on CTP_Tropical, and don't let that name fool you... it is much more than just a Tropical environment.

The set has jungle sections, grass sections, sand sections and various building terrains etc.

We have been given some extra terrains by various folks over the years, and some of them are really darned nice to work with.

As usual, we are working to get them all to play nice together, and making various changes as needed/required to make building with this set a breeze.

We have lava streams, all brand new created by the team. A fairly nice Volcano, but that is a single group that is fairly large... as in 5x5, but that size was dearly needed to make it work. It is a "working" volcano, meaning there is flowing lava down one side that enters into the lava stream...

Lots of water terrains, shallows included, that will allow you to build all sorts of island or seashore type environments.

Eventually, I will be adding screen shots here to show folks the progress we are making with the set, and to see if there are special requests etc. for possible additions. Note that the set currently has about 850 tiles, so adding more will start to get problematic, and we will be VERY picky on possible additions.
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