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CTP Before Install.txt

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With over 2,000 man-hours invested in these tilesets, the Community Tileset Project's Release 1 has surpassed most people?s expectations in terms of popularity and of becoming a single, integrated source of high-quality custom Tilesets for BioWare's award winning game - Neverwinter Nights.

Please note that installing CTP will not cause any harm to your NWN game or change any of your official NWN files. CTP adds incredibly rich and lavish landscapes, otherwise known as tilesets, to your NWN gaming resources.

The only files that will 'replace' anything directly from Bioware are included in the CTP_BIOFIX.hak. Those files are NOT necessary, but are definitely recommended as they repair walkmesh issues with several Bioware default tiles. If you choose to inlcude the CTP_BIOFIX.HAK, it should be placed higher in the hak order than ANY other tileset hak that your module uses.

Press "Next" to install CTP Release 1 on your machine.

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