#1 CTPR Dusty Dungeon (RESKIN)
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#1 CTPR Dusty Dungeon (RESKIN)

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Name: CTPR Dungeon
Designer: (Dungeon by Bioware) Reskin by Ashtefere

Primary Classification: Reskin / Dungeon
Subclassification(s): Dungeon

Filename: ctpr_dungeon.hak

Credited Contributions: Ashtefere


NOTE: This reskin REQUIRES the Bioware Dungeon Tileset to work. This should not be a problem unless you are using the default Bioware Dungeon in your mod. If you are using the default Bioware Dungeon, then do NOT attempt to install this hak without full knowledge of how it changes the 'looks' of that Dungeon. Otherwise, this is a complete replacement for the Bioware Dungeon and really makes that dungeon look different.

NO ADDITIONAL TILES or FEATURES added to the set, just a replacement set of graphics/textures.

This should probably be called the 'Dusty Dungeon' as the look and feel is more brown and dusty in nature. If this had been a complete tileset with it's own tiles, we could have also made the tiles dusty when walking. As it stands, since this is a texture replacement only, there was no work done on the actual physical tiles themselves.

This dungeon looks a little less dark, and a little less 'evil' in nature. If I were building, this would be the skin set for a dungeon that I would use if I were to use the original bioware tileset.

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