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CTP_Babylon: General discussion.

Post by Bannor Bloodfist »

This thread is intended as a place for anyone to make comments or ask questions regarding CTP_Babylon.

Folks, it took us over 2 years of work to get this set ready. Sounds like a long time, and it was. However, CTP is a small team, and we did the best we could to get it done as fast as we could. With our dedication to achieving as close to perfection as possible, we just could not release this set sooner.

After saying that, I have to admit, that bugs probably still exist. Let us know if you find any, and we will do our best to get them corrected as quickly as we can.

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Post by Christopher »

Upon release I will make sure links are available publicly for reporting bugs via the Project tool. This way they can keep up on status and we have a location for feedback.

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